12 Volt Led Strip Lighting Applications

You just don’t realize it but you see 12 volt led strip lighting everywhere especially in commercial areas at night. LED strip lighting has become so popular that variations of the product are already available in the market starting from those that can be installed indoors and outdoors, waterproof type and the different lengths and colours depending on your requirement. LED strip lighting can be used in different applications but some of the most practical uses include the following:

Illuminate designer homes

Modern house nowadays utilises compact and environment friendly lighting devices such as LED. Gone are the days when huge and exposed bulbs are used to light up homes and rooms. Nowadays, architects and home designers use sleek and clean looking lights to illuminate areas in the house. These LED strip lights are not just for lighting homes, they are also used to decorate the house and make it look well-decorated and modernized.

Outdoor building designs

One of the common applications of 12 volt led strip lighting is for decorating external parts of buildings. If you see sky-rise buildings with floating and blinking lights, most likely, those are made of LED strip lighting. You will know that you are looking at a strip lighting because they are a string of lights connected from top to bottom. If you are planning to apply LED strip lighting on your building, make sure that you choose a waterproof type although electricians and architects would also tell you to buy the outdoor LED strip type.

Accentuate your garden   

Another common application of 12 volt led strip lighting is for illuminating and designing gardens. With subtle lights on your garden or patio, it will provide the area a more intimate feel and ambiance that you will not get from ordinary garden lights. Place the LED strip lights in strategic areas to accentuate your garden pieces. You can also refer to magazines and online photos to get some ideas on how you will make use of strip LED lights to its optimum potentials. You can also ask an interior decorator for suggestions.