The Advantage Of Using Chatbots As Marketing Strategy

According to an article published by The Guardian last year, chatbots are computer programs that imitate the way people converse with the help of artificial intelligence. It can impact the way users interact online such as when doing a number of tasks they initiated on their own or by performing a seemingly real conversation.

Chatbots are nothing new because they have been in existence for several years already but they have been introduced to users in various forms. The earliest forms of chatbots are those robots utilized in customer service whenever an 800 number is dialed in order to assist consumers. When AOL Instant Messenger was launched in 2000, users have received a lot of spam from fake accounts and this is all because of chatbots.

The current forms of chatbots are sophisticated than before and employing higher level of AI or artificial intelligence. The AIs nowadays are so good with what they do that they are almost the same as real humans in conversations.

Chatbots are versatile and this is one of its major reasons why it is utilized up to this day. They are employed to perform different purposes that are covered by customer interaction and customer service. They are also used in marketing strategies and advertising efforts.

Chatbots existed for several years but it was only recently that it gains a new level of popularity after Facebook gave permission for branded chatbots to be linked in the application made by the same company, the Facebook Messenger.

The advantage of chatbots include uses in customer service, consumer analysis, personalized ads, proactive customer interaction, sites feedback, lead nurturing and online presence is retained in messenger applications.

Customer service is very important in every business. We are in an age where everything is and should be done faster because time is of the essence. We no longer have the patience to hold the phone and wait for a human customer service representative to answer are queries. This is where chatbots comes in. Consumers can ask their question and get the answer immediately.

Consumer analysis, an important factor in marketing strategies, can now employ chatbots in order to monitor the patterns of the consumers purchasing as well as gather data from the consumers. This way, companies will have an idea if specific products need to be marketed differently, which needs to more promotion and which needs further development.