Advantages Of Palatal Expanders And Early Orthodontics Care

Interceptive orthodontics is a type of orthodontic treatment that is administered among children who are as young as 6 or 7. One example of interceptive orthodontics is palatal expanders. Interceptive orthodontics is most suitable among children before they reach their puberty stage or 14 to 15 years old. The process is ideal for children because their teeth are still developing and their jaw bones are still growing. With this, certain dental conditions, such as crossbites and teeth crowding are still easier to treat.  It must be noted that not all orthodontics problem requires early treatment although it may help in some cases. To be sure, have your child checked by expert orthodontists. You can find qualified and expert dental specialists in your area that can effectively address orthodontic issues without breaking the bank.

There are several benefits of providing early orthodontics to your child. For one, correction is easier since their bones are still developing so the entire procedure becomes more affordable, faster and more effective. Early treatment, such as the use of palatal expanders is helpful and easier when the dental arches and jaw bones are not in their correct position. The use of dental appliances can fix dental issues especially if they are fitted by reliable orthodontists.

After early treatment or using palatal expanders, other treatments may be required, based on your dentist’s recommendation. However, with interceptive orthodontics, succeeding treatments, such as the use of braces or invisalign becomes shorter and easier to address. The good thing about modern orthodontic treatment and devices is they are more attractive and more comfortable to wear compared to the braces worn a few decades ago. This made it easier to convince children to undergo dental treatments and use orthodontic devices.

Another benefit of early treatment, such as the use of palatal expanders is that your child’s self-confidence can be restored faster. This is also crucial because it is at this stage where children are subjected to bullying and alienation when they are different from others. Call a reputable orthodontist today to find out how the clinic can help your child restore the confidence he or she may have lost.