Amazing Facts To Investigate On When Travelling For South America Tour

A beautiful country indeed, they are renowned for different cultural traditions which are deep-rooted, biodiversity and colourful. Moreover, Brazil and Argentina are larger countries. They typically overshadow other smaller South America neighbours. Travellers coming for the South America tour have been made special packages to surprise them during their tour.

Different Countries in South American and their features

Argentina: typically, this is a habitat for the world’s largest dinosaurs. After their extinction or absorption, another set of layers preserved 60-foot giants like the Titanosaur some years ago. This attracted the palaeontologists to convey for South America tour around the area of Patagonia region every year.

Bolivia: this is one of the two landlocked countries in South America. Being a landlocked country, it is the largest states combining California and Texas which spanned over 420,000 square miles. This will serve as a sector for the South American Tour travellers.

Venezuela: this country has the largest lake; the lake is called “Lake Maracaibo” travellers assembled themselves around the lake during the South America tour to have a good look of the largest lake in South America. This lake spanned 5,100 square miles. It is also found to be one of the oldest lakes on earth between 26 and 30 million years old.

How did Venezuela get its name?

When the seekers first emerged to Venezuela, this reminded them of Venice around the eastern coast. That was how the region was named “Venezuela” which was later changed to ‘Venezuela”. After the existence of the great general Simon Bolivar, Venezuela named their currency officially which is Bolivares. Most times the Venezuelans often call their currency Bolos.

How did Bolivia get its name?

In honour of Simon Bolivar, the country declared independence in 1825 after which they named themselves Republica de Bolivar. Which was later renamed to Republica de Bolivia.


The South America tour has been a light up to the travellers from different nations. As a matter of facts, South America consists of different beautiful countries with extreme cultural traditional abilities to express to travellers in different colourful ways.