Android Lock Screen Will Soon Tell You Where You Are

Free maps can now be downloaded on the Android phone to gain driving directions and information on road conditions, traffic and closed streets. Meanwhile, the New York City Illustrated Map only captures a moment in time as well as the interest of the person viewing it. The map illustration is featured in a way birds see the landscape.

According to TechCrunch, the Google Map app will soon be guiding you through every step of your mass transit ride. The app will make your journey less stressful by telling you when it is time to get off. Once the feature is available for your Android phone, you will find a “start” button at the bottom of the screen when you are trying to search for a certain destination. Once the button is tapped, you will get live updates that will include where you are while the mass transit moves not only within the app but on the Android lock screen.

The new feature of Google Maps is not necessary if you re commuting locally but once you travel to new city or state using the mass transit system, the app can be very beneficial. It can be overwhelming to arrive in a strange city but when you glance at the lock screen of your Android phone, you will see where you are. However, GPS or mobile internet must be working inside the vehicle. For your personal needs, it is worth buying data for mobile access.

Once the phone tells you that you have arrived at your destination, you can scroll up to determine whether you are going the right way. According to TechCrunch, the feature can be expected soon although there are other random users that are testing the feature now.

Unlike Google Maps that are used for driving directions, illustrated maps are a visual representation of a certain area like a school campus or a town. One of the best examples is New York City Illustrated Map that could easily become the subject of conversation in the school lobby or company boardroom. The illustrated map is not only interesting; it can easily evoke an emotional response from some of the items you will readily identify.