Avoid Fire And Electrical Hazards, Let Licensed Electricians Check Your Home

Most fires in Perth are caused by faulty electrical wiring. Nearly half or 48% of these electrical failures are due to bad lighting or unbalanced electrical distribution. Electrical malfunction most of the time causes ignition that then leads to a fire. These electrical-related accidents could have been prevented with proper home maintenance. Electrical services in Perth are not hard to find, and having a routine home electrical audit may just save your property and your family from fire.

Electrical problems show signs as warning before getting serious. Knowing signs of an electrical problem can help prevent fire and electrocution. If you are not a licensed electrician, it would be best to immediately contact nearby and reputable electrical services in Perth if you see the following signs:

Problems with the circuit breaker

When a circuit is overloaded, circuit breakers trip and shut off electrical supply. This prevents wires from overheating, igniting and causing a fire. Now if a circuit breaker trips frequently even when you know that you do not have that many devices plugged in, you should have it checked by a technician. Even when the breaker is shut off, electricity may still be flowing through the panel; that is why, only a skilled professional is advised to work on it. Never replace a fuse or an entire circuit breaker yourself, as replacing them with an incompatible rating may further cause overheating and start a fire.

Electrical shocks

A mild shock while crossing a carpet should not raise any concern as it is only static electricity commonly occurring during winter. But if there is a tingle or mild electrical shock when you touch plugged in devices and appliance, improper or faulty electrical wiring may have caused it. This is another warning to call an electrician, as there could be a number of reasons why this is taking place and may require tracing back your home’s entire wiring.

Burning odour

If at any point you notice a burning odour coming from your lights, appliance, switches or power outlets, immediately turn the power off at the main electrical panel. A burning smell is already a serious indication of a major electrical problem. It can be just one of your devices or appliance, a wiring problem or a power overload issue. Contact a licensed electrician right away to audit and do appropriate repairs.