Essential Information on Ball Mills

A ball mill is a cylindrical grinding device used to pulverize or loosen hard materials such as pigments, coal, ores, ceramic, felspar and also hard materials for mashing paints. Generally, ball mills work by rotating on a horizontal axis which contains grinding materials that would be fed with hard materials to be grounded. In essence, the principle behind ball mills is grinding matters against another matter to achieve crushed powder for various applications. The usual materials used for grinding hard materials are ceramic balls, flint pieces and stainless steel balls.

Grinding with the use of ball mills can be done wet or dry though wet grinding is done at a low speed. Ball milling is used for applications such as creation of rubber balls which is done by blending explosives together. There are also ball milling that uses several components and this is known to be effective in achieving solid-state chemical reactivity. Also, ball mills are used in the production of amorphous substances.

There are two general types of ball mills; the smaller type of mills and the industrial ball mills. Small mills only functions with the use of a cylindrical container with a tight cap and is part of a pulley system that utilizes belts and pulleys to operate. On the other hand, industrial mills can operate continuously with a machine that feeds hard materials at one end of the mill to the other end for the output.

Ball mills are known to be reliable in grinding hard and tough materials at a low to medium installation and operational costs.  Installation of ball mills is proven to be easy and they can grind materials by batches and continuously in one operation. This is one of the reasons why ball mills are popular because they do not need much labor work during production. The equipment also yields stable performance and can grind materials regardless of degree of hardness. Ball mills also boast of zero pollution in pulverizing materials using ceramic ball. The output of ball mills is circular with fineness that can be adjusted thru the ball’s diameter.