Facebook Introduces A Tele-Conferencing Device

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Speaking of Facebook, the giant company has produced the remarkable piece of consumer electronics called Portal. The device is similar to what Google and Amazon offers in terms of smart display. The home teleconferencing device looks a bit like Lenovo’s recently released Google Assistant Smart Display. What is remarkable about the gadget is it is the first of true Facebook-produced piece of consumer standalone device.

The question is not whether Facebook will create its own hardware but when and what shape can be expected. The idea for Portal was created 2 years ago when product manager Rafa Camargo said that they were considering whether it makes sense for Facebook to launch first-party hardware. The team spent 6 months trying to decide how to expand the platform that Facebook has and what to do if they own the hardware.

During the intervening months, there were plenty of speculations on whether the company is building a Facebook phone or competitor to Amazon Echo. The latter is closer to the truth although in some ways Portal and Portal Plus are obviously unique.

In the demos, it can be noticed that the focus is on video chat. The gadget has a large screen but has no web browser. You cannot watch Netflix movies or YouTube videos. It is a combination of artificial intelligence and camera tricks that can track people by shifting the camera’s frame accordingly. Camera transitions are pretty smooth for shared experiences.

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