Five Latest Trends In Funeral Planning

Trends keep changing every now and then. Just like the wedding and fashion trends, the trends in funeral planning also keep changing. The trends related to funeral ritual and décor see frequent changes. Here are some of the latest trends in funeral planning.

  1. The reputed funeral directors in Sydney, observe that cremation is gaining popularity as the preferred form of final disposal of physical remains. The lack of space combined with increased exposure about the benefits of cremation, has led to the popularity of cremation.
  2. Increased awareness about the use of fossil fuels and protecting resources increases, new eco-friendly forms of burial are slowly gaining popularity. More and more people are opting for green burial, water burial etc. These natural forms of burial use biodegradable containers made of materials like, cardboard, pine wood or natural fibre. These containers are directly buried inside the earth or in water, where it decomposes and mixes with the earth. A tree or a flat memorial stone is used to create a grave marker.
  3. More and more people are planning their own funerals, well in advance. They are taking a proactive approach and are arranging many logistics of the funeral planning like, selecting the décor, music, menu to be served, the rituals to be followed and the other aspects of their funeral. Many of the funeral homes also offer pre-payment options so that people can pay for their funeral in advance to avoid being a burden on their loved ones.
  4. Gone are the days when funerals were sad events, now people are putting a positive emotion into funeral services, by organizing memorial services that celebrate the life of the deceased person. Right from customizing the funeral services to reflect the life choices of the deceased to creating personalized memorabilia, funeral directors are offering a wide range of services to help their clients to celebrate the life and accomplishments of the deceased family member.
  5. The latest trend in funeral planning is to ditch the traditional church service and opt for ideas that reflect the life of the deceased person. Families are finding ways to honour the life and accomplishments of the deceased person by including personalized symbols and memorabilia. The reputed funeral directors in Sydney, offer a wide range of customization services to serve the desires of their clients.