Gadgets That Can Make Home Cleaning Fun And Easy

Your bathroom looks very sophisticated and luxurious with the beautiful natural stone bathroom tiles that match perfectly with your décor. However, the question is how much time will be invested in cleaning the bathroom when you have other household chores like laundry and dirty dishes? Thanks to technology, there are gadgets that will make life easier and make you enjoy the cleaning process.

Your chores will be finished in no time through these high tech solutions:

  • Narwal is your ultimate cleaning assistant. The robot will mop and vacuum the floors and clean itself afterwards. The self-cleaning robot uses smart navigation and mapping to reach every corner of the home. After it has completed its task, the robot will return to its docking station so that it can empty, rinse and dry the mop.
  • One of the least-liked chores is cleaning the toilet. But cleaning is made easier through the flexible toilet brush with its unique D shape that can scrub every nook and cranny with ease. Because the brush is made from water repellent material, the brush remains as clean as possible.
  • Another gadget that makes toilet-cleaning fun is Giddel toilet cleaning robot kit which can be installed in the toilet to automatically brush the bowl clean. A telescopic arm can reach everywhere particularly the hard to reach areas below the rim.
  • A large lawn is the dream of many homeowners but it can also be a problem when grass starts to grow. Husqvarna 450X automower lawnmower uses GPS-assisted navigation system to cut grass including those that grew in inclines as high as 45 degrees.
  • After you are done cleaning, you want the air to smell clean, too. The technology solution is NATEDE smart natural air purifier that makes use of advanced sensors and photocatalytic filter to clean air.

If you are planning to remodel the bathroom, the best option is bathroom tiles made from natural stone because they are timeless and beautiful. Natural tile collections have various sizes and colours available to match with any décor style with ease. Natural stone tiles possess certain qualities that allow them to stay beautiful into the future.