Handy Tools That Every Electrician Must Have

People cannot run away from problems. Luckily, people do not have to face their problems alone and can turn to companies like Thornbury Electrics. It is an inevitable and inescapable part of life. For every problem, there will always be someone you can turn to. The same goes when you are experiencing electrical problems in your home or in your business. For this certain problem, you can opt to try to fix it yourself, which can be quite dangerous since you will be dealing with electricity, or you can turn to companies like Thornbury Electrics who specializes in providing highly capable electricians who will help solve your dilemma at home.

And like every good soldier, an electrician also has his own set of weapons to help him deal with matters concerning electricity. Electricity is very dangerous especially when dealt with inexperience and inappropriate tools. That is why it is important that electricians possess the proper tools that would help them deal with electricity and the objects that are related to it.

The following are some tools that every electrician should possess.

1. Fish Tape – A fish tape is used by electricians to pull wires that are either solid or stranded through a metal or a PVC pipe.

2. Tape Measure – Tape measures are probably one of the most common tools there is and is not exclusive to electricians alone. Tape measures are primarily being used to measure heights for the switches and the outlets but they can also be used to center lighting fixture boxes.

3. Hammer – Hammers are also one of the common tools that are not exclusively for electricians. They can be used to secure boxes that are enforced with nail-on brackets and when a person wants to add new Romex wiring inside their home, they can use hammers to drive Romex straps.

4. Channel Lock Pliers – The purpose of channel lock pliers is primarily focused on taking out knockouts from the boxes and to adjust the expansion-type ceiling fan boxes. They can also be used to adjust Romex connectors inside a box.

5. Wire Strippers – Wire strippers are what their name suggests. They are used to cut or strip off the insulation from the wire. You can notice the different sized teeth that can be used for cutting as well as a cut portion when a wire needs to be cut.