Here’s Why You Should Just Fix Your Gadgets Than Replacing Them

Technology today is rapidly advancing. Almost every day, you would hear new developments from various technological fields and advancements especially in the line of smart phones and other similar gadgets. People can’t seem to get enough of gadgets. In fact, these gadgets have become a symbol of luxury and convenience and if you don’t happen to own the latest model of a particular device, you might even be scoffed at. It’s sad yes, but numerous companies are capitalizing on the obsession of the people for gadgets and because of this, it has now become a race for who could develop the better gadget and how long could its popularity last before it gets replaced by a newer and seemingly more advanced model.

Sadly, money is also a big problem nowadays and sometimes it is more practical to choose convenience over luxury and looking good. One of the main motivations as to why people are quick to replace the gadgets that they have is because it gets broken or damaged. The most common phone damages are probably cracked screens or cameras that stop working. But if you are thinking practically, would it be realistic for you to replace your phone just because its screen got cracked? Maybe not, but that doesn’t mean that you should just walk around with a cracked phone screen. Get it FIXED!

Here are some reasons why you should just have your gadgets fixed rather than replace them.

  1. It’s easy. Fixing something is actually easier than you might think. There are numerous instructional videos or guides online that you can use to fix your gadgets or if you’re feeling too lazy you can just take it to a technician and he’ll fix the gadget for you for less than it would cost you to buy a new one.
  2. It helps the environment. 75% of the gadgets that get thrown away end up in landfills and while the gadgets can be recycled, they would have to be shredded first so that they can be used as raw material. The plastic and rubber, though, can’t be recycled so which means they’re an environmental threat.
  3. You get to maximize your gadget’s use. Do you really need a new device just to search a bathroom wash basin blog post? Definitely not. By fixing your gadget, you get to maximize its potential.

So this means, fixing your gadgets is not only good for your finances, it is also good for the environment.