Some Of The Most High-Tech Innovations To Consider For Bathrooms

Bathrooms are now being set up with the most high-tech innovations there are. People want to feel comfortable especially when going to the most used room in homes.

Here are some of these innovations worthy for consideration.


iTouchless Sensor Controlled and Automatic Toilet Seat

The cover will rise while a person approaches the toilet, and a wave will get the seat to rise. Fifteen seconds after walking away, the iTouchless seat & cover will lower down themselves.



This was designed to decrease the use of water during showers. The device should be positioned in the base of a shower. It will measure as well as remember the amount of water usage. After succeeding showers, lights will indicate the volume used in comparison to the initial use.


RSStroom Reader

This is a computer-printer-toilet fax which will print some RSS headlines to the toilet paper.


Cleaning Robot

This innovation of a techie assistant will clean the bathrooms automatically. All that is needed to do is to connect it to any water tap. After that, it will start cleaning bathtubs, showers, walls or floors. It has suction pads which enable it to climb walls too.


Toilet Seat with Digital Scale

This is a toilet seat that has a built-in scale integrated to it.


Kohler’s Touch-free Toilet Flushing Kit

This is easy to install. This is a retrofit kit by Kohler bringing a touch-free feature to any toilet.


Glowing Faucet

This was designed by Touch360 Studio and S Newman. The faucet will glow blue or red to indicate water temperature. Moving the ball around will control temperatures. Moving the ball out from its center will control the water pressure.


Mirror 2.0

This makes use of face as well as gesture recognition and voice command technology. The displays are behind a mirror with camera. Mirror 2.0 streams the news, plays movies or music and displays an e-book. It also gives out reminders and updates about the weather among others.



When these gadgets are incorporated with any existing Bathroom Furniture, the bathroom will be no less than techy and envy-inducing. Needless to say, aside from style, they also deliver a great functionality.