Holiday Gift Suggestions For Your Techy Loved Ones

It has only been a year since the last Christmas and there is no denying that within the span of one year a lot of cool gadgets already made it to the commercial market. There are good holiday gifts but there are also the cool ones. If you know someone who is techy or if you would love to give yourself a treat this holiday, here are some of the best gadgets to choose from.

  • Gadgets & Gizmos Building Kit from LittleBits. This holiday idea is perfect for children who are years and older – the adults would enjoy it too. This gift is perfect for the little mind who wishes to make their own machines and Littlebits made it possible with the use of magnetic building bricks. No background in electronics engineering is required in order to create your own machine as long as one understands cause and effect.
  • Set-Top Box from Apple TV. If you are one those people who loves watching television or if you know someone then this is the perfect gift. It gives the user access to a whole new app store where they can stream videos, play games and try other interactive programs. This will render your old cable TV subscription a bit old school and you might just want to replace it with this new set-top box. It comes with a voice-controlled remote control and a touchpad.
  • GoPro Hero4 Session Camera. This is the latest camera from GoPro. Aside from being small, it is also user-friendly. This will enable your adventurous peer to take on more risks as it can be used while performing various activities such as skiing. This is safe to use during pool parties and you can even let you toddler have a go at it.
  • Anker PowerPort 4 USB Charger. For someone who owns a lot of gadgets and charges a lot, this is the perfect holiday gift. There is no need to charge every one of them separately as it has 4 USB ports and charges faster than the regular charger that comes with smartphones.

Once you have rounded up all the gifts for your loved ones, it is time to purchase some Paper Mart gift boxes and have them ready to give out before Christmas.