How HR Practices Are Changing Because Of Technology

The HR department a decade ago is different from the HR department we now know. Aside from the use of tools such as payroll management system, the department is already using technology to analyse the performance of every employee, to store their files and even the method of getting in touch with them is different. Technology must be always used wisely in order to not affect the human resources’ management in a company. A good HR department is characterize by being able to make use of all the benefits while making sure the problems are lessen in the process.

Before the internet and the use of email become a part of our daily lives, people who are seeking employment make use of a letter or phone. Now it is more common to see companies post their job vacancies online and individuals who are looking for a job can apply online. It reduces the time the HR department needs to spend in talking on the phone or sifting through paper resumes.

In terms of communication, it is now easier for the HR department to contact employees because of the many options available such as messaging apps, text messages, phone call or email. A team leader does not have to contact every member for the same topic because an email can be sent to a group of people and they can access the replies of the members and the entire conversation.

With the use of technology, an employee’s data can be easily analyzed as it can track the number of hours they have put into the work and it keeps a record if the task was finished or not.Through this information, data analysis can be done and specific figures can be calculated using the right software program. It will lessen the time required in evaluating each employee.

Employee records used to be stored in files and these files have to be stored somewhere sage. With the use of software such as payroll management system, all these records can now be stored inside a computer or sent into the cloud where it can be accessed anytime through any device with the right authorization.