How Past Inventions Paved The Way For Tech Gadgets Today

Several decades ago, there were old and interesting pieces of art called map illustrations that show a scene as it looks from above. These aerial view maps are still being created today by Maria Rabinky, a professional map illustrator. Similarly, there are also popular tech gadgets from the 1950’s that are still available today but have been significantly improved through technology.

The microwave was invented in 1955 to provide convenience to daily life. However, technology has managed to improve the home gadget in myriad ways for increased efficiency. After 2 decades, the Apple II personal computer was introduced by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak to revolutionize home technology. Over the years, the invention was improved to adapt to the way that people use technology.

In 1950, the first remote control was introduced by Zenith Electronics. It is significantly different from the remote controls that people use today because Zenith’s gadget was connected to television sets through wires. There was only one button to flip channels. The more advanced version or wireless remote was introduced in 1955.

Texas Instruments came up with the first transistor radio that was called Regency TR-1 in 1954. The pocket-size music player allowed people to listen to their favorite AM radio station. The transistor radio was sold for $50 each and it revolutionized the way that people listen to music.

In 1956, the first computer hard drive was released by IBM to the market. According to PC World, the drive had 5 megabytes of data and cost $10,000 per megabyte. The size of the drive was equivalent to two refrigerators. Today’s hard drives are small tablets that can store documents, computer programs and applications.

AT&T released the first commercial modem for computers in 1958. It was called the Bell 101 modem. Modems are still being used today to connect personal computers, laptops and other devices to the internet.

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