Impact Of Technology With Law Enforcement

Three decades ago, the only technology utilized by law enforcement officials are police radio and a pay phone. Nowadays, they have more technology at their disposal such as police radios that are able to scan multiple channels, video cameras inside the police vehicle, radar units for monitoring the traffic condition, internet access inside the vehicle with the use of computer data terminals, cellphones issued by their departments, their own personal cellphones and body cameras. More tips regarding the current technology used by local law enforcement unit can be researched or through personal enquiry.

The advancement in technology has both a positive and a negative effect on law enforcement agencies. In the past 20 years, internet access has rapidly dominated the world and now everyone can be online at anytime. With the positive comes the negative and it is with the use of social media and online platforms. Criminals and gangs are able to communicate better too and use the internet to their advantage.

Aside from social media platforms, one other mobile application that has been a cause for concern among law enforcement officers is the Waze app. This tool is used to track traffic but it can also show the user where the police officers are currently located. Those who are planning to do something illegal are able to avoid the authorities and those who are planning to attack are more likely to locate them wherever they are.

While there is room for improvements, technology is currently widely used by all law enforcement agencies because of the useful tools such as 3D crime scene imaging. This is used by authorities to easily analyze a crime scene. All they have to do is perform a 3D scan of the site.

The radar that passes through walls is one more beneficial tool. The technology utilizes radio waves in order to determine if there are movements behind the wall. Many are not happy with the concept at first because it can be a risk for privacy but this technology is not exactly new since the technique has been used for quite a while by law enforcement agencies.

Police officers nowadays have cameras attached to their bodies while on duty. These cameras are small and can be worn unnoticed. Professionals in the industry have been looking for more tips on what effective technology they can add next in order for them to perform their task better and with higher efficiency.