Interesting Gadgets Of 2014

With Perthwebdesign, enhancing ones website design for an online business can be easily achieved. E-commerce stores have been popular as most people check out first the availability of their desired items online and only when left with no choice do they come all the way to visit the retail stores in malls that offer what they need. In the United States, sales happening on the web are said to be increasing about 10% a year, topping the list of stores are the very well-known Amazon and eBay. And when it comes to the kinds of stuff being searched for thrillingly by the online shoppers? At this age of technology, it shouldn’t surprise anyone how gadgets and electronics make up a large part of the e-commerce sales.

Below are some of the most interesting gadgets in the year 2014:

1. Google Chromecast
It is said to top the list of electronics sold in Amazon. The Google Chromecast is an inexpensive adapter that makes possible turning your old tv which is limited to performing the most basic functions to do more than just that. A lot of compatible apps with this device can be checked out on the Google Chrome Store.

2. Powerbeats2
A sport enthusiast who enjoys listening to music at the same time surely will consider this in his shopping cart. Being sweatproof, lightweight, and easily adjustable to fit the ears perfectly make this item a good find, although a bit pricey they say as compared to other wireless headphones.

3. SnapJet
Taking a peek through their website would make one easily understand what a SnapJet is and how amazing and truly unique the idea behind it is. Most people may know about the conventional way of printing photos through a printer that makes use of an ink, drivers, and cables that one has to do this kind of stuff usually in a home or office setting, but with this small portable tool, the idea of printing can be done even while at a hiking or trekking adventure far away in the mountains where there is no wifi, as it would not be needed by any means. The idea is made possible by scanning the phone’ screen and then printing out afterwards a high resolution color image on Instax Mini or Polaroid 300PIF film.