Internet Of The Main Source Of News For Australians

It is very essential for structures like pipelines to have protection to control the corrosion of the metal surface. Corrosion of metal can be effectively controlled through cathodic protection that connects the metal that needs to be protected to a sacrificial metal that acts as an anode. Providers of cathodic protection can be easily accessed through the internet.

Results from Roy Morgan’s latest research revealed that the internet is the main source of news for Australians. Over the last 2 years, the internet has overtaken television as a main source of news; however, TV remains to be the most trusted ahead of traditional and digital media.

Traditional media that is used as main sources of news include radio and printed newspapers although both have declined in popularity since 2018. Australians that use the internet as their main source of news usually access newsfeed sites like Google News, Apple News, Feedly, and many more. Others use email subscriptions or updates, websites, and apps.

Australians still trust the news that they hear on the radio more than news and newspaper websites. Large parts of the population continue to get their news from radio and traditional newspapers. Newspapers in the printed format are being left behind because of the increase in digital communication.

The popularity of new digital media like social media in recent years including the disturbing fake news spread through the internet has put a premium on people’s trust in digital media. Traditional news sources like TV, radio, and newspapers that were able to build a reputation of trust over the years have retained an advantage over new digital media.

The younger generation places a higher degree of trust on the internet, particularly social media. Traditional media brands have to establish an online presence in order to develop and maintain a good relationship with their audience.

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