Keep Those Memories Through VHS To Digital Transfer

It is very likely that you have valuable memories that are saved in VHS which you want to be transferred to digital so that will live forever. You are lucky because there is VHS to Digital transfer that is both affordable and effective. All the recorded memories will be rescued so that they will still have the opportunity to view them whenever you desire.

VHS tapes are usually of poor quality compared to DVD’s so that it is suggested to view them to determine whether they are still worth retrieving. Even if the old VHS tapes will be digitized, their resolution will not improve. If you have thrown away the old VHS player, you can buy a second hand device that costs next to nothing. Despite being obsolete, you will be able to use the device to check whether the VHS tapes are still worth transferring to digital.

Take a good look at the VHS tapes whether they are full of dust and dirt. Try to clean as much of the tape as possible from the part of the cassette where the tape is exposed so that it will not be drawn inside when you play it. Make sure that the spindles have not seized up but if they have, you can try to move them by hand before playing the tape.

One of the most effective and hassle-free ways to transfer VHS to Digital format is Magix Rescue your Videotapes package that includes a user friendly software that will help enhance the quality of the audio and video. You will obtain a real time playback of the video tape to customize the experience.

There is also a tutorial page if in case you get stuck up with the simple video guide. There are other options to transfer VHS to digital format in the market that can save you a lot of time and efforts.

Your wedding memories can be transferred from VHS to Digital format so that they can be preserved for decades. Extra care will be provided so that nothing will be lost in the precious memories. The entire process will be carefully catalogued, tracked and managed.