Latest Tech Trends In Hospitality

Technology is advancing rapidly, and is changing how people behave and what they expect in things. The hospitality sector is no exception, as visitors and guests change their expectations of accommodations and hotels have to respond accordingly in order to stay relevant.

Here’s a look at some of them.

Different Wi-Fi infrastructures

Nowadays, hotel guests don’t see Wi-Fi as a luxury, but as a necessity. With devices like phones, tablets and computers with them pretty much all the time, guests to any 4 star hotel in Bangkok or any hotel, for that matter, expect that they can connect to the internet with little issues and interruptions, which has led to hotels investing in better and faster Wi-Fi infrastructure in order to keep up.

On top of that, hotels are moving away from pay models, which operated by charging guests fees for having to connect to the internet. There are, of course, costs and maintenance requirements for new Wi-Fi infrastructure, but many hotels are now taking steps to get improved Wi-Fi into their systems, even if they’re just planning.

Digital conference capabilities

On top of providing high quality Wi-Fi for its guests, hotels are now working to provide their guests with the needed AV and digital facilities in order to hold digital conferences. More common in MICE hotels, though many a 4 star hotel in Bangkok  and across the world sport them, the needed equipment for a typical conference room is fairly minimal, relatively speaking, but hotels don’t want to risk issues, which is why they have staging companies come in order to make sure everything’s done right.

Entertainment on tap

People are now forgoing the in-room entertainment options, preferring to use their own devices to keep themselves occupied. Given the popularity of streaming services like Netflix and the prevalence of Wi-Fi, that’s not really a surprise. Things like television, radio and the clock are now taking a backseat, and more and more hotels are working to ensure that they work well with devices guests bring in.

Cloud services

The need to provide entertainment on tap, as well as mobile content, has led to the popularity of cloud services in the hospitality industry. Providers want to be able to provide digital content, without having to invest in the necessary IT infrastructure and staff, with all of the costs, issues and needs that come with them, which is where cloud computing comes in.