Latest Technology In The Tyre Industry Presented At Geneva Motor Show

There is no denying the leap that tyre industry has experienced which is brought by modern technology. Modern tyres such as tyres on the Gold Coast are far better and improved compared to the ones developed decades ago. For this year’s Geneva Motor Show, Goodyear presented two tyre prototypes proving that real-time data can be transmitted while driving and that urban mobility can be accomplished through a cleaner alternative.

The first prototype is called the intelligent tyre and it comes equipped with an entire information system. The components of the tyre such as the sensors, the algorithms used which are cloud-based and the tyre itself are able to sustain a communication with the fleet operators in real time with the help of a mobile application.

The prototype created by Goodyear makes it possible for the operators to have constant communication with the tyre as well as to collect real-time date. With this, it will be possible to make the most of the tyre while making sure that it is safe to use all the time. Aside from the efficiency in costing, this increases the optimum uptime of the tyres. The status of the tyre will be closely monitored by the operator as data concerning pressure, temperature and wear will be transmitted with the help of the sensors as well as the algorithms.

The second prototype from Goodyear is called Oxygene which presents a side wall with living moss thriving on it. The tyre comes with a smart tread design that is able to absorb the surface of the road’s moisture together with water and circulate it. Through this process, photosynthesis is accomplished and at the same time oxygen is emitted into the atmosphere.

The hope of the concept is that it will lead to better tyres on the Gold Coast as more and more people living in the city are expected to use vehicles in the future. When using Oxygene, CO2 will be absorbed while oxygen will be generated. The tyre is constructed based on a non-pneumatic structure through 3D printing. The materials came from recycled tyres turned into rubber powder.