More New Tech Gadgets This Christmas Season

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This Christmas, many people will be receiving new tech gadgets like smart phones, tablets, gaming consoles and connected toys with the required apps to run them. However, new research results from cyber security training organization SANS Institute reveals that people are aware of the risks that the gadgets can pose but they do not have the skills to protect themselves.

A study of 1000 parents and 1000 students ranging from 14 to 18 years old in the United Kingdom revealed that 72% of parents and 68% of students know that the biggest cyber security risks to their family is theft of personal information. Only 26.7% of students who own and have access to a tablet consider their device as very secure because they have installed anti-virus software.

However, anti-virus software is not sufficient to make a gadget secure. Young people as well as their parents must be educated on how to spot a phishing email or suspicious websites. According to James Lyne, head of research and development of SANS Institute, people assume that they are not the target of cyber attacks. However, anyone who uses technology can be a target.

Since most young people are digitally literate they have to take a more active role in the cyber education for their parents. It is common for parents to lack the confidence to deal with the potential risks of connected devices. Security is not only about protecting personal devices but sharing the knowledge to reinforce the right online behaviours. This will minimize the exposure to online hackers.

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