Must-Have Tech Gadgets For Wedding Planners

It goes without saying that wedding planner in Sydney needs all the technology gadgets that will make the job easy and efficient. Some of the most essential items that wedding planners have inside their bags includes the laptop, Smartphone and tablet. Aside from communicating with the bride and groom, wedding planners have to talk to different vendors.

However, there are other technology gadgets that wedding vendors need to present a good impression to their clients:

  • 4G/LTE device – this device is an absolutely “must” if the wedding will be held in an LTE area. It is one of the examples of the evolution in consumer technology that allows you to connect at 25mb while on the go using the laptop or mobile device. The specific data plan will depend on the country while speed will depend on the existing network. The two factors will vary substantially depending on the country where the device will be used.
  • Power pack – there are different brands and models of power packs and portable battery chargers in the market today. The Smartphone case and the medium-sized charger are portable and can be easily carried around. Medium-sized chargers are equipped with enough power to refuel a Smartphone and tablet at the same time. Large power packs can provide battery juice to your laptop (except the MacBook), tablet and Smartphone.
  • Bobino – if you are a wedding planner, clients expect you to be well organized and efficient. Being immersed in wires is bound to elicit a wrong impression. Bobino wire wraps for each of your cable equipment will show how good and reliable you are.
  • Pico projector – is the best solution for the wedding planner when she wants to show the team the event rundown. Pico projectors are portable devices that can be used as backup if the event venues projector does not perform.

Tech gadgets are very powerful toys that can enhance the performance of wedding planner in Sydney particularly during emergencies. You certainly do not want to lose battery life in the middle of a presentation and neither will the client appreciate that you do not have a backup plan for last minute contingencies.