New Waze App Update Supports Motorcycles

Traffic and navigation app Waze has added two-wheeled vehicles like Aprilia motorcycles to its supported vehicle types. Aside from the usual traffic information, navigation and safety features, Waze will allow motorcyclists to get detailed information from fellow motorcyclists who use Waze in the new motorcycle mode.

The Waze update allows motorcyclists as well as drivers of 3-wheeled vehicles to gain information on better route options from other bikers who are also using the updated Waze app. There are available routes for motorcycles that prohibit the entry of cars. Since Waze can provide the motorcyclists with alternative routes they can accurately estimate their arrival time. Waze app update is available for both Android and iOS.

In addition to the motorcycle support provided, Waze also supports HOV lane navigation. Those who have experienced driving in high-occupancy lanes know that the route and ETA are different from those driving through regular lanes. Waze is now providing directions, routes and ETA according to HOV lane access.

Those who are driving with multiple passengers or with special pass can open Waze app settings and choose from the list of options to access the HOV lane routes. Those driving fuel-efficient vehicles can choose special vehicle type from the app and gain access to same route options. HOV route support will be available in 22 areas in the United States including Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. Additional areas will be announced later.

Another feature of the Waze app is new voice support that works regardless of the type of vehicle and the lane it is using. The app will allow the driver to say “Ok Waze” to trigger the app and listen to voice commands like “drive home” or “report a traffic jam.” The voice activation support will prevent drivers from using their smartphones while driving. The app also supports Spotify playback so that drivers will not be distracted when selecting music.

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