Shoes That Generate Electricity And Sports Clothing Made From Chemicals

There is no doubt that athletes have a strong marketing power. Fans of National Rugby League (NRL) of Australia show their support by ordering NRL clothing from online sites. Athletes are considered as brand ambassadors by the world’s biggest manufacturers of athletic uniforms. They know that the athletes can sell the product and create a valuable connection with consumers.

What are the tech gadgets that are frequently used by fitness enthusiasts aside from the traditional sports outfit and equipment? The most common gadgets include the fitness tracker, smart watch and other wearable devices. However, Adidas is planning to end the use of monitoring devices during the fitness activity through self-charging shoes. The Adidas shoes can count your steps, distance and speed. The energy harvested by the sole could generate electricity from the bending and walking that comes with the physical activities. Some of the energy generated can be stored for future use.

Under Amour, An American sports clothing and accessories company has joined the industry of wearables recently with the chemical-releasing clothing. The company’s latest patent will not use traditional clothing materials but chemicals that will optimize performance. The sports clothing will be embedded with tiny wires that will gradually release therapeutically effective chemicals which can be absorbed by the skin. For example, magnesium is beneficial in regulating the heart’s rhythm and reduces the risks of high blood pressure.

Apple is a company that is widely known for producing smart watches for several years. The latest is the Apple Watch which is the most popular among the gadgets used for fitness. Aside from being able to monitor fitness activity, the Apple Watch will allow the wearer to make phone calls. The company is also on to better things like the light rays and pressure sensors that can track blood pressure and study abnormalities in the heart rate.

It is an exciting moment when a NRL fan is able to express his support by wearing NRL clothing during one of the games. The good thing with the sports clothing is you can choose from the different NRL teams before you start filling the shopping cart.