Solar Power Industry – Why Is It A Good Idea To Switch To Solar Power System?

Gold Coast, one of the sunniest cities in Australia, receives 4.2 hours of sunlight a day. This is one of the country’s best places to install Solar Power System. Today, 30% of Gold Coast homes reinforced their roofs with Solar panels. Apart from the abundance of sunlight, government solar incentives and low-cost solar power system prices are also contributing as to why residents in Gold Coast turn to renewable energy.

What do 4.2 hours of sunlight translate to?

In terms of kilowatt-hours (kWh), and depending on the efficiency and the size of the panel, a home can have approximately 5.4 kWh average per day. That can be derived from a 1.5-kilowatt solar power system on a typical summer day. A 10-kilowatt solar power system can yield up to 35 kWh average per day.

Which solar power panel is right for your home?

The answer depends mainly on your power consumption, how you utilize energy during hours of daylight and to what amount. Installing battery storage would make it even more efficient as well. The size of the panel should meet your daily power needs. Note that excess solar power in Gold Coast will also not come to waste.

What can I do with the excess solar power?

A number of Queensland retailers may purchase the excess power however, it is lower than the standard electricity rates. And they offer up to 8-12c/kWh only.

How much federal government incentive would I get?

Discounts on solar power system panel installation have been offered by the federal government, under RET (Renewable Energy Target). The said discount applies directly to the price charged by your installer. The exact amount of incentives varies in different locations. Another good news for Gold Coast residence is that the sunnier the location is, the greater the discount. Gold Coast comes second as the sunniest location in the country, practically the same as Brisbane.


The country has some of the lowest renewable energy installation rates, which translates to more savings. Gold Coast alone has a number of competitive and credible retailers. This means that with the proper sizing and efficient use, a solar power in Gold Coast is a great investment.