Solar-Powered Gadgets You Need To Save Energy At Home

Based on data released by EPA, homeowners in the United States spend an average $110.21 on electric bill in 2013. This means that in average, households pay more than $1300 for their annual electric bills. Looking at a single household, the amount may not be much but adding up all the households in the country and the figures can be overwhelming. This is why many residents in Australia turn to Gold Coast solar power companies because they recognize that it is worth investing in.

The problem with high electric consumption is that the demand for fossil fuel also increases which is bad news for Mother Nature. Aside from solar power, homeowners can also utilize devices that are solar-powered to help them save power bill.

  • Solar-powered mobile phone charger from Creative Edge. This solar charger is composed of five panels which can store a maximum of 5,000 mAh. If you have an iPhone 6, you will be able to charge your phone two and a half times before the solar charger runs out of juice. This comes in a very compact size which makes it convenient to be placed in areas where it is easily reached by sunlight.
  • Outdoor solar lights by Swiftly Done. This particular outdoor lighting is peel-n-stick which means you just need to remove the protective cover of the adhesive at the back of the lights and stick it wherever you want. No tools required for installation. The solar light charges from the sun during daytime while it lights up during nighttime.
  • 150W generator and solar panel from Goal Zero. If you require more than just a compact solar charger, this generator from Goal Zero is recommended. It can power lights, laptops and mobile phones and it comes with AC inverter which is built-in within the system. You just have to purchase the solar panels from the same manufacturer to make the generator solar-powered.

There are many other solar-powered devices in the market which can help you save electric bill. If you want to take a bigger step, contact a Gold Coast solar power company to learn about the package installation they offer.