Tech Talents Flocking To Washington

A research entitled Scoring Tech Talent was recently conducted and published by CBRE Group. The report is a ranking of 50 states in the United States and Canada that are known to attract as well as nurture rising talents in the field of Information Technology. According to the ranking, Washington is on the third place while the first and second spot was bagged by San Francisco and Seattle. This news became a driving force for tech companies to learn how to get a tax ID in Washington State in order to be in the center of all these potential talents.

The Greater Washington not only ranks higher because of the tech degree completions but also because there is an increase in tech labor concentration. These are two major areas that hugely influenced the ranking.

In terms of technology degree graduates every year, Washington took the second spot among 50 others markets. This is because the state welcomed 10,526 graduates in the previous year which saw an increase of 45 per cent compared to the figure recorded in 2012.

CBRE said that the tech labor concentration of the state, also known as the percentage of the employment force, is a huge determining factor if a state has potential to grow and if its market is centered in technology. For the entire region, the Greater Washington supplies 8 per cent of the total workforce in terms of tech talents with a total number of 248,150. In the national scale, the average percentage is only at 3.5 per cent.

The report is proof that Greater Washington is not only good in passing policies but it is also starting to emerge in the technology industry. For the last few quarters, the real estate market of the region has seen the rise of demand coming from tech companies. Consequently, the owners are trying to offer office spaces that will be more attractive to employees thus favorable to the companies.

New tech companies are now trying to enter the market and one thing they should know is how to get a tax ID in Washington State before they can hire employees and operate.