The Benefits Of SIM Only Plans

When it comes to bills pertaining to mobile phone use, many consumers are well aware of the two options available to consumers – the pre pay and bill pay. It turns out that these two are not the only option because there is a plan that can prove to be more practical which is the SIM only plan. This article is ideal for those who are happy with the phone that they are currently using but would love to save when it comes to mobile phone bills.

A SIM only plan is a mixture of both the pre pay and bill pay option. In order to avail of this plan, one has to submit their bank details in order to be billed by direct debit but the catch is that it is only a 30-day long contract. When opting for a SIM only plan, one will have more allowance when it comes to texts, calls and data to be used but will pay a lesser amount since there is not handset included in the package.

There are many benefits offered by the SIM only plan and here are some of them:

  • Contract length is shorter. Usually, SIM only plans are offered to customers with a 30-day contract that requires them to give the company a month notice before terminating the said plan. This is perfect for those who are trying out the network in their area for the first time. Should it perform poorly or not up to the standard you desire then you can easily stop the contract at anytime as long as due notice is given.
  • There will be no need to top up. Topping up is a common errand for those who are on pre pay and can prove to be a hassle especially in times of emergency.
  • Get your money’s worth. Comparing the allowance given between pre pay and SIM only plan in terms of texts, calls and data, the SIM only plan will prove to have a better value.

With the flexible term offered by the SIM only plan, consumers will be able to test out a new network. Should it pass their expectations then one can easily upgrade to a plan with a mobile phone included. For SIM only plans, there are various deals to choose from such as the 3 SIM only.