Tips For Choosing Grinding Equipment

There are different types of grinding equipment in the market today. Most of them are products of technological innovation and the necessity to make grinding more efficient. To achieve your desired results, choose the right grinding material including the right grinding bits applicable for the job. If you are not sure of the type f equipment for your grinding needs, you may ask grinding experts working for you or you can take a look at the following tips.

Types of Grinders

There are two basic types of grinding equipment in the market today; the floor models and handheld grinders.

Handheld grinders. This type of grinder is lightweight and is suitable for door seals, walls and other surface areas or for above the ground applications. Because handheld grinder is lighter in weight, it requires more hand control to polish the surface and to get a smoother surface on the subject. The latest release of handheld concrete grinding equipment comes with type 28 saucer discs instead of the original type 27 flat discs. This allows the operator to gain more control on the equipment and get better results.

Floor models. This type of grinding material is bigger and heavier compared to handheld version of grinder. Because of its weight, it requires lesser manual control and can cover more surface area. It is applicable for resurfacing concrete floors or for removing floor coating. Floor models come with several attachments making it suitable for more applications.

Different Types of Grinder Attachments

The two variations of grinding equipment come with a combination of six cutter heads or grinding stone. Each of these stones rotates in opposite directions to provide the operator more control on the equipment during the grinding process. Grinding equipment using stones are generally used for removing concrete surface for different types of coating. There are also concrete grinders that use diamond stones as cutters. This type of cutter is faster compared to the usual types of grinding equipment. Carbide concrete grinders are also a good alternative and are suitable for heavy duty grinding applications. Ask your operator for the kind of grinder suitable for the subject.