Top Tips to Take Care of Your Dream Honda Bike

Laying hands on their own Honda motorbike is a dream come true for many biking enthusiasts. Maintaining the bike is as important to ensure it performs to its maximum efficiency. Here are a few tips to take care of your Honda motorcycle.

  • It is essential to clean your Honda bike regularly to maintain the shine of the surface. Use cleaning products that are designed for motorcycles and cars. These specialised cleaning products help to maintain the shine of the original paint and metal. Wait for the exhaust system and the engine of the motorcycle to cool down before washing it. Using high-pressure water spray for cleaning your bike, can damage its parts. Use cool water to clean the dirt and clean it using soft cloth or a cleaning sponge.
  • Always use a good quality polish or wax on your Honda bike after cleaning. Use only manufacturer approved products to get the optimum results. Keep in mind to use only good quality products and avoid using cheap products which maybe abrasive.
  • It is essential to take care of the aluminium parts of the Honda bike to protect them from corrosion. The road salt and dirt present on the roads, leads to corrosion of the aluminium wheels. The wheels should be thoroughly cleaned using mild detergent and sponge. Remember to dry the parts using clean cloth and touch-up any damaged parts with paint.
  • The exhaust pipe of the bike tends to get stained due to oil and mud. Clean the exhaust pipe using liquid abrasive.
  • Use a high quality transparent protective spray to protect engine and other aluminium parts of the motorcycle.
  • Always use neutral soap solution to clean the parts like dash board, seats, wind screen etc. if the wind screen contains dead insects or the parts are very filthy, soak them in soap solution for some time and later wash them with water.
  • Always schedule regular maintenance and servicing for your Honda bike with your dealer. Regular servicing of the bike helps you to keep it in top performance condition and enhances the lifetime of the bike. It is advised to consult your dealer or mechanic and get your bike serviced, whenever you plan to take it for a long road trip.