Travel’s Priciest Hobbies

Traveling is a wonderful experience that people dream about and work hard to get to experience it. But it can be pricey; airline tickets, hotel stays, food expenses, the clothes, the shopping, it can all add up and quickly burn through your money and your savings.

Then there’s the hobbies to mix with travel. Whether its diving from a Similan Liveaboard or speeding down the Alps, these hobbies can be expensive too, as with all of the gear, the venues for these hobbies, all the extra expenses get tacked on. We’re not saying you should stop: combining passions with your holidays is just the way to enjoy yourself. But if you’re going to be doing these hobbies whilst traveling, best to make sure your wallet is ready. These hobbies are expensive, but if you love them, then they are very much worth it.

Skiing & Snowboarding

Snow sports are expensive. That’s just the way they are. Gear is expensive, even if you’re not buying an actual snowboard or ski; the clothing and gadgets are plenty expensive on their own. Then you have to hire for the rest, then you have to pay for the lift pass, and any place to stay near the mountains..

Scuba diving.

Similar to snow sports, scuba diving has a lot of expensive, specialised equipment needed to experience it. You either need to buy your own or hire the stuff every time you dive. On top of all of that, there’s getting to the diving spots, like Papua New Guinea, Belize or the Red Sea. Even if you’re going to someplace more commonly visited, like in Thailand, you’ll need still a Similan Liveaboard; a boat to get you there.

Cycling & Mountain-biking

The first thing you’ll need is a bike. Not just any bike, however, you’ll need the best bike. Terrain across the world varies wildly; if you’re going to go global biking, you’ll need the best bike you can get your hands on. Then, there are the associated costs; lugging that bike across the world, getting to the trails, using the trails, getting support, that sort of thing.


Back in 2012, Time Magazine did some serious number-crunching, and found out how much it would cost to attempt to climb Mt. Everest; approximately US$95,000. Keyword is attempt. Now, not everyone is bold enough to try and scale the tallest peak in the world, but those figures still give a good idea about how much money it’ll cost to climb mountains.