What Is A Transportation Logistics Specialist?

A transportation logistics specialist or logistician is responsible for the life cycle of a product, from conception to dispersion. They serve in a deadline and budget-driven atmosphere, often handling several immediate transportation projects. They need to have good communication, analytical and organizational skills to be successful in this field.  They are also professionals that are able to plan and oversee the item movements. They do it by using a tracking software, while understanding customers’ needs and every step of the transportation process.

What are the Obligations of a Transportation Logistics Specialist?

As a transportation logistics specialist, you’re obligated to oversee the shipping and receiving process of every facilities. The responsibilities of a logistics specialist can differ in so many ways. The job may include daily management of the warehouse, transportation planning and scheduling, as well as inventory control. It will also include problem solving to enhance the movement of items. Other positions will entail more complicated responsibilities, like statistical data examinations, to identify the most efficient, cost-effective strategy of organising traffic flow.

As the specialist, you are obligated to handle specific types of freight forwarding, such as huge and dangerous cargoes. Another specialty includes global shipments that arrive in huge containers, where the items must be separated to prepare forwarding to several locations. In handling global shipments, you must be responsible for assuring accurateness in paperwork based on global regulations for transporting items across borders.

What Skills Are Required?

The transportation logistics specialist must have good communication and interpersonal skills to supervise, train and motivate workers to comply with corporate objectives for cost control and customer service. They may also need practical skills like organizational prowess, analytical adroitness and mathematical abilities to handle several immediate projects. They must also be keen to details and has the capacity to follow regulatory procedures. Many employers prefer to hire those with high aptitudes in using basic office and warehouse management software.

How Much Does It Earn?

According to a study or survey done in January 20176, a transportation logistics specialist can earn an approximate median salary of $50,000 annually. However, there can also be a significant difference depending on the employer, which range from $38,000 to $97,000 for many professionals. In 2015, the median annual salary for logisticians is about $75,000.