What a customer says about your product is as important as what you say about your product. Surveys show that people are reading customer feedback and using them as an important weighing factor in their purchasing decisions.

If you have an ample amount of positive reviews, you’ve established your credibility as a brand. This would be the right time to promote positive feedback and use this reputation as your leverage on why people should spend their money on you.

Use customer reviews in your social media content. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are platforms that people frequent, so you can be assured of high visibility from your followers and their network. The added engagement will help you cast a wider net too, as your posts are shared and commented on. Be creative in sharing the testimonials, through images, stories in the captions, and being candid about the feedback. This will help users have a glimpse of your personality and determine how you engage with your customers after-sales.

Keep your website updated with testimonials. As users browse your products, they may want to know if it is right for them, and customer feedback can give the added boost in helping them find the answer. Keep the reviews timely, as they definitely don’t want to read something from more than a year ago!

Promote feedback via Google Ads to increase your visibility. Show off your stars and share the benefits of your products in your customers’ own words. Ads will definitely improve your CTR and visibility. Just ask King Kong marketing reviews through search engines.

There are many ways to creatively and strategically promote your brand’s credibility. By doing this, you’re becoming more visible and showing off your unique value to your customers.