Many people love to ride on motorbikes because of the excitement it brings. There is something exciting when riding on motorbikes which can be well explained by motor enthusiasts. The most noticeable feeling is the fresh air that you can feel blowing directly on your face and the thrill of riding a two-wheeled vehicle.

There are many brands of vehicles in the market today. The popular brands sell out quickly. However, there are also motorcycle brands that are not so familiar in the market, like Aprilia bike which is hardly known by people. Why is this so? The reason behind is that, other than the motor enthusiasts, no one has ever heard of the brand.

The top reason why only a few people know about Aprilia bike is that of its poor marketing. It is only advertised in some odd motorbike magazines. It doesn’t appear on television and on the billboards. People wonder why Aprilia bike does not have a strong advertising campaign when it is already owned by Piaggio which is one of the biggest motorbike companies around the market. They own different brands and one of them is Vespa.

In the motorbike racing world, Aprilia has won many championships already. It has its feats in so many racing events, however, it has not conquered MotoGP which everyone watches. The thing is, for a motorcycle brand to become famous, it must be visible in popular racing events where multitudes of people are watching worldwide. Surely, doing so would give the brand a blast in the motorbike industry.

Another thing that affects the popularity of Aprilia is that Italian bike brands are known to be unreliable and costly which stigmatize the brand. The parts and servicing prices catch up with Japanese brands, too.

Moreover, Aprilia lost its sales because it missed looking after their customers. This is a pretty big thing because customers are the most important factors in the success of a business.

There are also some manufacturing flaws of Aprilia, like the stator which burns out quickly because of design flaws. However, the company still proceeded in releasing the brand to the market which greatly affected its sales.

Motorbikes are exciting vehicles to own. Owners and manufacturers must be able to create magnificent marketing strategies to be able to popularly push the brand in the market.