Make no mistake about it. Everybody loves watching TV. Whether you’re a sports fan or just a regular bummer who prefers to lie down in your trust couch while watching your favourite TV series, watching TV is a relaxing thing to do. For some, it’s their own way to temporarily forget all of the struggles and problems from an entire day of working for 8 hours. Watching TV has become one of people’s “channels” which allow them to channel down the tiredness from a day’s adventure. Now, BBC is one of the most watched channels not just in the United Kingdom but also in the rest of the world. It covers every single aspect of TV needs of people whether it’s news, sports or entertainment. BBC has multiple channels and can be watched on multiple languages and various platforms. Yes, with ever continuous growth of today’s technology wherein having a reliable Internet connection gives one the power to do almost anything, watching your favourite shows on TV is no longer a problem. Aside from watching BBC from your regular TV, you now have the capability to watch any BBC shows using your smartphones and laptop computers. One way of watching BBC especially when you’re away from home is watching through BBC iPlayer which can be found in this website:

When you visit the website,, you will not only get to learn about the BBC iPlayer which was a system developed by John Logie Baird. You can also learn about the vast history of BBC which can be traced back during the 1920’s. The BBC iPlayer, by the way, is a system devised to broadcast TV. To begin with, the company had already the cathode ray tube that was developed at the end of the 10th century but what gave the masses the capability to reach TV was none other than Mr. Baird’s disk’s scanning equipment. There are other useful information which can provide you such as how to watch BBC using the BBC iPlayer especially when you’re France while enjoying the lovely view of the famous Eiffel Tower.

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