Good news for in-house agencies across Australia, as the In-House Agency Council (IHAC) just launched, providing them with a much-needed community and forum.

The IHAC was founded with the goal of helping in-house marketing agencies make the most of their arrangements, by bringing in the best people, helping with training, and benchmarking, sharing best practices, as well as advocating for in-house agency marketing model via an annual award series, masterclasses, a secondment program, and networking events.

The IHAC was founded by several marketing professionals, with Founder and Chairman CEO Chris Maxwell to take charge.

Maxwell stated that a lot of the leaders of in-house agencies in Australia have dealt with common problems and handled similar challenges, but don’t really come together to share knowledge, collaborate, and talk about the industry as a whole.

He says that he spoke with his peers in the industry, and that led to this revelation, and the realization that something needed to be done. Maxwell explains that such a lack of a forum for in-house agencies felt like a huge waste to him, given how businesses like Optus, CUB, and Sportsbet exist but the in-house marketing agencies that they have end up being quite similar.

It was then that Maxwell decided that there needed to be some forum for in-house agencies to come together and learn from one another, leading to the formation of the IHAC.

The IHAC will see its members converge monthly to discuss the issues and topics of relevance to in-house marketing agencies, like king kong marketing review and others, in order to come up with developments and ways to promote in-house agencies.