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Helmets and padded gear are important for motorcycle riders for safety purposes. However, the idea of a head’s up display (HUD) for motorcycles is both terrifying and intriguing. HUD when done right way can keep the head up and eyes off from the gauges or whatever navigation system has been installed in the motorbike. On the other hand, if the rider is not familiar with the menu, he can be distracted while finding relevant information instead of paying attention to the car ahead. Fender benders can be annoying and could land a rider to the ICU.

A new HUD innovation is the $700 Nuvisfull face helmet, a gadget that will keep the rider informed without too much distraction. The helmet will show speed, navigation, maps, calls and music through a tiny mirrored see-through display located below the vision line of the right eye. You can take a look at the display if you want to otherwise, you simply ignore the display altogether.

The main screen is designed for quick glances. By quickly peeking downwards, speed and the next turn can be easily discerned without the need to move the head. This is the advantage of the new gadget over the dials that come with the motorbike. In addition, the new Nuvis has a headset thatcan be installed on the helmet. It can also syncwith Bluetooth-enabled helmets for multimedia experience. Navigation of the menu system is relatively easy with a supplied controller that is attached to the left handlebar.

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