Nobody wants to experience issues with their cyber properties. This is why in order to improve cyber security, people find innovative ways to come up with technologies that can combat viruses and threats. Thus, it is only important for businesses to keep up with the emerging technologies to protect their security and privacy. Listed below are some of the well-known cyber security technologies.

  • Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning – Artificial Intelligence has become a familiar term. If you wonder how you can apply AI to cybersecurity, it is quite similar to how two-factor authentication works. Two-factor authentication has the ability to confirm a user’s identity depending on two to three parameters. The pile of information and authentication will bring about AI. Deep learning is also utilized for analyzing data, including logs, transactions, and communications. Its purpose is to detect threats or unauthorized activities.
  • Behavioral Analytics – When you know about the Facebook Data Breach fray, then you may also know that there is the use of data mining for analyzing behaviors. This technique is used in order for social media and online advertisement to reach the audience they need. The main function of behavioral analytics is to identify patterns on a system so that possible real-time cyber threats can be detected. There has become a lot of research about behavior analytics in order to come up with better cyber security technologies.
  • Embedded Hardware Authentication – Nowadays, a PIN and password are no longer enough to protect your hardware. This is why embedded hardware authenticators are becoming popular for identity verification. Its major breakthrough was initiated by Intel as they introduced Sixth-generation vPro Chips. These user authentication chips become powerful as they are embedded into the hardware. Since they are created in order to change authentication security, a lot of levels and methods of authentication are utilized to make it work successfully.
  • Blockchain Cybersecurity – Blockchain cyber security is among the recent security technologies that has gained high recognition and praise. The blockchain technology functions according to the identification of two transaction parties. In a similar manner, blockchain cybersecurity functions according to the peer-to-peer network fundamentals of the blockchain technology.