Whatever your work may be, whether you’re a driver, a police officer or a fireman, you always face dangers and at risk of facing tremendous problems along the way. That’s the importance of having a good amount of training in whatever career path that you chose. Also, it’s good that you have constant learning with regards to the newest and latest information about whatever that is related to your career. It’s the same banana when you are, let’s say one of the licensed electricians in Bilumba. You see, these electricians face danger every single time they wear their goggles and gloves. To begin with, electricity is indeed, unpredictable. One mistake and an explosion can lead to a massive blackout in the city or worst, massive catastrophe.

As mentioned, working as an electrician is not a safe career no matter which angle you look at it. Yes, it’s a well-respected industry and it does offer a competitive salary but still, the dangers are real. If you are a newbie in the industry, you should really take extra caution and wear enough protective gears. Below are some of the dangers faced by electricians in Bilumba or in any part of the world for that matter:

  • You are at risk in experiencing deadly electrical shock.
  • Working as electrician will make you exposed to dangerous chemicals such as solvent and lead.
  • You are always at risk of fire and tremendous especially when a faulty power line sparks.
  • You are exposed to continuous change of temperature which can be hazardous to your health.
  • You may endure cuts whenever you are working with knives or being accidentally hit by falling objects.
  • Sometimes, electricians in Bilumba have the tendency to get sickness from birds and rat droppings.
  • Since electricians are standing up most of the time when they are working, they may develop muscle and bone problems which can also affect their performance at work. These problems can also be caused by constantly working in small areas which allow minimal movements.
  • Electricians are also exposed to UVC radiation especially when they are doing welding works.



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