Daraz is one of the most popular online shopping portals in the country of Pakistan, and it recently had its biggest online sale for 2018; the Daraz 11.11. The online portal hosted the sale as part of its efforts to get back some of the popularity its lost in recent years.  The sale brought in a lot of people buying things from the company, so much so that it was clear that the company wasn’t prepared for everything.

On sales day’, the site’s server had so much load through it that it ended up crashing. Apparently, no one working at the site weren’t expecting that the portal’s sales would bring in so many people, overwhelming both the site and their contracted courier online, and resulting in people calling the crashing a publicity stunt.

The courier online services in Pakistan ended up in a major meltdown. The excessive load of orders that Daraz put into a single courier service, resulted in the company having to outsource to other courier services. People who inquired about their orders were given excuses like ‘the courier guy went, but the order was refused’ or customers were asked to wait for an additional day for their order, that one day never happening.

Not only were some customers left waiting for orders that never came, other businesses who also needed their parcels were also caught in the crossfire. The couriers of Pakistan and, consequently, their customers were left hung out thanks to the load of the Daraz sale couriers.

Courier services in Pakistan are decades old, tried, tested and respected. But recent events have shown that they need to update themselves to the standards of the modern age. Couriers are the most important means of delivering parcels within a  country.

This incident shows quite nicely (or horribly), why the couriers of the world do what they can to stay updated on the latest developments, whether it be technology, methodology or personnel; they want to avoid things like this happening. Infrastructure for Pakistani courier services need some serious work.

Other countries have situations like these dealt with efficiently and responsibly, if they happen at all.