There is fierce competition among law firms to attract clients. In such scenario, effectively managing the marketing strategy is very important. Digital marketing is an important component of the marketing strategy for any business. Social media strategy is a part of digital marketing. An effective social media strategy helps you to share relevant information and attract new clients.

There are different social media platforms, which have to be carefully managed in order to help the law firm to stand apart from the competitors. Lawyers should choose the right social media platforms based on the demographics of their clients. Lawyers such as theft lawyers, shoplifting lawyers, criminal lawyers, etc. should try different social media platforms and choose those that works the best for them.


YouTube is an excellent social media platform for lawyers. Videos help to generate interest among the viewers. Most people prefer to watch a video rather than reading text. However, while designing content for YouTube, it is very important to maintain high quality content that provides value to the users. Maintain consistency in your videos and make sure that the videos are neither too lengthy nor too short. A video should ideally be between 6 to 12 minutes. Use attractive thumbnails and have proper call-to-actions that compel the users to contact you.


Instagram is the most popular social media app. Have an Instagram marketing strategy to make sure you reach to maximum clients. However, Instagram may not be suitable for all attorneys. Instagram is more preferable tom a marriage contract lawyer, real estate lawyer or a shoplifting lawyer. Instagram is an image-sharing app, and sharing relevant images of your law firm’s activities will help you to create a bond with your clients.


Snapchat is popular with youngsters and women. It also helps you to provide location based information. As is the case of Instagram, snapchat is also not suitable for all types of lawyers.

Social media is an effective platform to sell market attorney services. No matter, whether you are a shoplifting lawyer or a criminal lawyer, a well-designed social media marketing strategy will help you to reach your audience and stay in touch with them.