There are customers who are willing to spare a bit of their time to tell other people about their experience with a brand. The process of asking for customer feedback must be as simple and as easy as possible. At the checkout counter, a customer can be given a physical card with a link to the online listing that allows reviews to be posted.

According to ReviewTracker research, the best time for a business to ask for customer reviews is between 2 to 3 p.m. and 6 to 7 p.m. However, the goal of asking for reviews is not to get feedback about customer service or the current operations but as a way of enhancing relationships with customers. By providing context and transparency when asking for reviews, the business recognizes the customer as a valuable asset to success.

For example, when review requests are sent through email, an appealing design can take the request a step further. However, the email must include a link where the customer can leave his feedback. The business is not required to write a long formal message of request. One or two sentences will do the trick including a compelling image of a smiley face.

Reviews can be displayed on the website and social media accounts as a valuable piece of content. A digital marketing agency uses king kong agency review to convince visitors to find out more about the site and what it offers. By implementing a simple system for customer feedback, the digital agency finds it easier to gain and retain loyal customers.