If you ask any of the Greensborough electrical contractor they will tell you that technology is not really a big concern for them and their jobs. This coincides with the yearly survey called State of the Industry for 2017 which was sponsored by Klein Tools. Survey revealed that there remains to be a high demand when it comes to electricians and they are not worried about the bigger role that technology plays in the industry which many believes to be a threat to their job security.

The survey questioned over 600 electricians and 42 per cent of them said that they have more work load in 2017 compared to 2016 which only amounts to 32 per cent of them. A year before that, only 23 per cent said that they have seen an increase in their workload. Klein Tools published that the increase in workload is not only coming from the residential but commercial sector too including homes that are retrofitted.

Electricians nowadays are giving more emphasis to technology whether they are on the job site or in the office. The survey revealed that electricians are now hired to do high-tech installations not just in residential establishments but in commercial buildings as well. According to the participants of the survey, 55 per cent of them saw a high demand for high-tech installations among electrical jobs while 55 per cent saw that electrical contractors are also hired to install smart home systems.

Klein Tools’ co-president Mark Klein, said that the demand for high-tech installation in both residential and commercial establishments will continue to rise among electricians. The shortage of skilled workers to take on the jobs will result to delayed completion of construction projects which is not good for news for homeowners and businesses alike. This will also impact the prices of the homes for sale.

According to the workers of Greensborough electrical contractor, many of them have already done high-tech installations. The survey revealed that three in every five electricians are able to accomplish such task while smart home technologies have been tackled by seven in every 10 electricians in the field.