A lot of industries have their own awards, a celebration of the best of the industry. Even the event hiring sector, with the marquee hire in Brisbane and  across the world, have their own awards for the best technology for events in across the world.

For the event hiring sector, that’s the Event Technology Awards, which announced that it’ll be accepting entries to a revised list of 30 categories, including returning favourites like Outstanding Contribution to Event Technology, for those that provide the best innovations for parties, marquees, conventions and expos across the Marquee Hire in Brisbane world.

The submission of entries went live, at exactly 12pm, on Monday, April 1; accessible via the event’s official site, www.eventtechnologyawards.co.uk. The event’s organisers have been cooperating with software partner, Evessio, in order to make sure that the entry process for the 2019 iteration of the awards go as smoothly as possible, and, fingers crossed, they deliver.

Event Co-Founder Adam Parry even made a statement on the matter, looking back at the inaugural Event Technology Awards, held back in 2013 when the industry was just a small conglomerate of companies, barely heard of by people in marquee hire in Brisbane and other countries. Now, the 7th iteration is being launched to a sector that has grown massively in the intervening years, and has now turned into a respected, major part of the industry at large. He says that they’re proud to have been a part of that.

D2i Systems, with their product, Engage, is sponsoring the Event Technology Awards 2019. Sales and Marketing Director Matthew Wilson says that the event technology mark has driven a lot of innovation in the event industry, and that the Event Technology Awards are a celebration of the newest players and best of the industry. They say that being a sponsor of these awards encourage awareness about the development of the industry, on top of being good for business.

Expos are all about the events, and, for the second year in a row, the Event Technology Awards will be held during day one and two of Europe’s only show dedicated to event technology, Event Tech Live.

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