Gift giving is a fun and rewarding thing to do but a perfect gift wrapper coupled with the perfect black gift box would never be complete without the perfect gift. Unfortunately, finding the perfect gift is not as easy as it seems. There are a lot of considerations that you would have to take in. Add in also the fact that you cannot ask that person directly what he or she wants if you want to keep it a surprise.

So here are some tips to help you in finding the perfect gift to give away.

1. Make a list. If you are planning to gift a particular person whom you have known for a long time, then it can be easy to determine all the things he or she likes. Try making a list of his/her favorites then choose what is most relevant to his/her situation. If the person currently has an obsession, then you can maybe take advantage of that.

2. Choose based on necessity. Sometimes, you can ask the person in a way that wouldn’t give away the whole surprise. Ask them what they currently need and if it is something that you can do or afford, then do not hesitate.

3. Stalk. This may sound a little creepy or extreme but a little good old fashion stalking/investigation can sometimes do the trick.

4. Give something from you. If you had chosen a gift, then it may be best if you add a little something from your own choice. It could maybe be something you value or you could create a man-made gift such as a scarf. This would make it more personal.

5. Make the present an adventure. Make the person work hard for the gift. You can hide it somewhere he/she doesn’t know then leave clues to where he/she can find it. Make it a scavenger hunt. This would make things more exciting and rewarding.

6. Charity. When the person you want to gift already has everything he/she needs, which may seem impossible but can sometimes happen, you can invest on something that he/she is interested in. For example, that person likes to join charity events or is part of a charity group. Then you can take advantage of that and donate to his/her cause.

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