Gadgets And Technology Appropriate For A Legal Practice

Everyone including lawyers and their clients are facing the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic. Law practices have to run effectively from home to continue on providing the necessary legal services to clients. Law firms that are set up for remote work and video meetings have an advantage over their peers.

Remote work will require a dedicated laptop or desktop because it is inefficient for a lawyer to work on a computer that is being used by the whole household. It is also more convenient to have a separate mobile phone or tablet to communicate with clients.

Clients usually prefer face-to-face meetings with their lawyer but it may not be possible due to social distancing measures. There are tools that allow face-to-face meetings without being physically present like Zoom, Skype, Facetime or Google Duo/Hangouts Meet. However, lawyers must practice using the video meeting software first with their staff before using it with clients.

There are many ways for lawyers to present a professional appearance to their clients. There are headphones with cameras similar to those in smartphones. The camera can be elevated to eye level with the light pointing to the face. The background can be arranged appropriately by using a virtual background feature offered by Zoom.

Remote work will be more convenient by going paperless. Files can be centralized through a law practice management software or cloud-based document management software like Microsoft One Drive, Google Drive, Box or Dropbox. Most software includes a client portal to securely share the documents with clients.

Technology is no longer just an option for lawyers. The only way to work efficiently nowadays is by fully embracing technology. Technology helps lawyers fulfil their operational goals, streamline their systems and improve client service. Law practice management software is the best solution for data security and prevent threats to critical information.

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