An accountant handling a particular client is liable for the accounting misstatements of his client. The accountant should apply the necessary accounting standards and should be knowledgeable. Negligence can put an accountant in a dire situation in case a mishap happens. He may face legal charges from his client or investor. The creditors may also go after him for the trouble that he caused.

An accounting professional may not be able to avoid committing errors, but he can avoid dealing with the aftermath via the accountant liability insurance that he owns. Also, he can produce better output if he has some essential gadgets to help him.

Gadgets – the Accountant’s Best Buddies

Here is a list of some of the gadgets that can help an accountant do his job well.

  1. Travel Solar Charger

This handy charger can be a solar charger and a battery pack. Having a backup battery to charge a phone can be a lifesaver, especially when an accountant needs to send or receive an important email and his phone’s charge is running low.

  1. Portable Scanner

A portable scanner is also an accountant’s best buddy. There are portable scanners that are equipped with a built-in memory that can store up to four thousand pages. This means that an accountant can still scan and save pages for printing later even if he does not bring along his laptop. The portable scanner can scan from small receipts up to a full page A4 paper.  

  1. Handheld Manual Paper Shredder

Sometimes, a sensitive document that the accountant no longer need may still bring him trouble if he did not dispose of it properly. It could be considered as trash to him, but to some unscrupulous individuals, they are a rare treasure that’s hard to come by.

The handheld manual paper shredder is compact enough to carry everywhere and does the job well. Whenever there are documents that are no longer needed, it is best to shred them right away so that no one will use them for bogus transactions. No one can guess what goes on inside a criminal’s mind. It is prudent to dispose of every document that is no longer of use.

If more helpful gadgets can be created, there may never be a need to have an accountant liability insurance to avoid dealing with troublesome legal charges.