Technology has changed how the world works and how people live their lives, there’s no denying that. The overwhelming majority of industries across the world have integrated the advancements of technology to improve efficiency, ease, and accessibility, and other aspects.

Fitness is no exception. Where there are ads that advocate fitness regimens, there are likely ads for smart watches or other fitness tech bits. But if you’re looking to get fitness tech to help with losing your fat gut fast, then you need to know what you’re dealing with.

What is fitness tech?

Fitness technology is any hardware or software aimed at aiding fitness and health endeavours, covering things like smart watches, FitBits, nutrition planners, and the like. Their purpose is to make losing your fat gut fast easier, more efficient, and/or more fun.

There are different kinds and variations of fitness tech, but the common element is that they’re all about making getting fit easier.

Kinds of fitness tech


 The most common take on hardware for fitness tech, for the simple fact that you can wear them like accessories that you’ll barely notice. Wrist wearables like smart watches and FitBit are the most common, which are generally waterproof and track steps, heart rate, sleep, and so on, but fitness tech clothing has also been getting popular recently.

Interactive gym gear

The treadmill is a classic piece of fitness tech, but it’s been getting some upgrades, with some providing things like AR and VR, complete with integration to alter the pace and incline of the treadmill to really sell the experience.

Smart water bottles

Being 70% water, human bodies naturally need to stay hydrated to be healthy. Naturally, it’s no surprise that smart water bottles, which track how much people drink, and remind them to stay hydrated, have become popular. A lot of them are even capable of connecting to smart devices, like FitBits, or mobile.


Now, to the software side of things; phones aren’t just for calls and texts. Fitness apps which can be installed not just on phones, but tablets and even smart watches, provide easy access to personal trainers, fitness classes, and other things to help with staying in shape. All with the click of a button. For people who need constant reminding, or just feel the impulsive need to check on their phone, these apps can really help out with staying in shape.